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The true flavor of Ireland permeates every aspect of our establishment, from every stone, mural and tile placed, to hearths of our fireplaces, to our distinctive recipes and music. Our staff exudes the natural warmth and good-hearted ambiance of the Irish, who are sure to keep your stomachs, and pints, full to your heart’s content.

Proprietor Dr. Dave Magrogan has transformed many everyday locations into pieces of the ‘Isle of Erin’. “We basically keep outside walls, and inside we recreated Irish heritage, pub history and culture,” he explains. “We have shipped in hundreds of containers of Irish artifacts to use throughout the buildings, and trained thousands of staff members in traditional Irish hospitality and service.”

All of Kildare’s Pubs have incredible architectural interiors and state-of-the-art bar & beer systems, but it’s the food that is the main attraction. Kildare’s dishes are distinctly and authentically Irish while keeping American preferences in mind. The food is prepared fresh – nothing frozen. Kildare’s chefs have been training with the best in Ireland and now they are excited to be able to offer the freshest authentic Irish cuisines at all locations.

Ireland’s Pubs are much more than simply places for drinking – they are social experiences: theater, debating room, and family room. The entrance of Kildare’s represent Ireland’s Rural Shop Pubs which can have one area serving butter & eggs, while another area serves foaming glasses of stout. As you pass thru the shop pub you enter the “Victorian Pub” often found in the great capital city of Ireland, Dublin where literary scholars would often take refuge.

Another area of Kildare’s represents the “Gaelic Period” of Ireland, with its hand- hewn wooden log chairs and tree trunks from Ireland.

The Pub is an extension of the home. At Kildare’s, this area is represented by the cottage dining room, where the publican would open his doors to friends and neighbors alike for cheerful hours of drinking, storytelling, conversations and music.

The staff is friendly, the food is terrific, and the atmosphere is wonderful. Patrick McBride, Director of Development says, “We hope you meet some new friends, partake of good wholesome food, share our joy in serving you, leave with a little piece of Ireland in your heart and come again soon to enjoy our Traditional Irish Hospitality.”

Lunch and Dinner served daily along with Sunday Brunch and daily food and drink specials.

119 Jefferson Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503